Mama’s Got Her Shag Back

For some reason, I feel a need to document whenever I make a change to my hair. Hey, it’s hair. It grows and I like to have fun with it. So, after realizing I’d gone about 6 months without a haircut, I did a little research and found a gal I could get in with at the last minute who ROCKED MY WORLD. We parted with a few inches, and after we were done, she told me this particular cut was her “Mermaid Shag.” Oh Erica at Sorella Salon, we were soooooooo meant to be. I couldn’t stop smiling.

So back to my shaggy self we go. I’ve definitely had a little confidence boost and many good hair days ever since. Like today, when I took these pics. Yeah, it might’ve taken about 50 tries but I got a few that do this cut some justice.

Mama’s got her Shag back. I’m thinking it will be back for a while now.

Stylist: Erica At Sorella Salon. Cut: Mermaid Shag. Me: Feeling Freakign fantastic (Even though I’m really, really tired. But what’s new.) Jacket: Mother Denim Necklace: Pearl. Love. Lipstick: Urban Decay Backtalk Lipstick with Kari Gran Lip Whip layered on top (New product I’m obsessed with. The shade is Radiant. – you can also find it at Follain) 

• Oh yeah, if anyone moves a lot (ahem, like moi)  and needs a l’il tip on how to find a new stylist, here’s a great tool (and is how I found Erica.)

• Go to and click on Beauty Coach Near Me. Then, click on your state and a list of stylists who’ve taken Beauty Coach Courses (or are certified, I can’t remember exactly) Pops up. Click on their names (aka Instagram Handle) and let the Instagram stalking begin. Riawna, One of the Gals who started Beauty Coach is Goldie Hawn’s stylist…and is therefore responsible for her epic bangs. So that’s that. I’m an instant fan.


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  • You are such a gorgeous Lady Rebekah; not just on the outside you really do have such a joyous vibe shining out of you! This hair style suits you to a T! Do you color your hair at all? You have a great natural graduation of color. Also would you mind sharing which lipstick you are wearing in these pics I love it! ♡

    • You are too SWEET, Francesca! Thank you so much for the amazing compliment! I definitely color my hair (Babylights and balayage 2x a year = low maintenance, and hides greys well.) And I’m wearing Urban Decay backtalk lipstick with this new product called Lip Whip ( in the shade Radiant) on top. I’ll add the links to the post. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks so much for the info Rebekah. I have some greys too that I find really hard to hide while still having a natural looking color so I will definitely be asking my hairdresser to try that on my next salon visit! Also thanks for the lipstick info, it’s the perfect pinky nude. Have you ever thought about doing a makeup collaboration, like a small collection with a brand you love? I would definitely be interested in it!