Out Of Office, But Very Salty

If I ever go missing for over a week, with no peep on here, don’t worry. It’s usually because I’m somewhere really sunny, with palm trees, and I play so hard during the day that I pass out after the sun takes a dip on the horizon.

Yup. I’ve been back in Hawaii. On Maui to be exact. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been on the Garden Aisle, and I’ve just been picking flowers, beaching it, watching Levi do a ton of cannonballs (and joining in of course) eating tons of poke, and…surfing (high five for grandparents aka surf sitting angels.)

…And of course, I’ve been taking pics, because it’s just something I love to do. Here are a few of ’em.

Breaks are good. Sleep is good. Pics are fun. I love being one easy flight away from Hawaii again.

Maui roundup/travel journal/mini-guide coming soon. Got one more half-day here before I cram everything in our suitcase and head to the airport in a wet bikini.

Stuff in pics above that miiight be of interest: My mom’s Papele from Ohana shop // New Sustainable suit from For The Water // Dkoko Organic cotton/hemp beach shorts

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