Just What The Eye Dr Ordered

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Here are a few interesting little tidbits I learned at my yearly eye exam the other day (and pics of Levi and I at the lake, I promise they go together…just read on.)

• I recently did a DNA test that revealed that I have a predisposition for macular degeneration. This had me wondering if I need to wear blue light filtering lenses 24/7 or something, turns out it’s quite common and I should be fine.

• Your retina is pretty sweet to look at. I got a photo taken of mine for the first time (which meant no need for pupil dilation and being able to freak out my husband when asking him to have a staring contest) I saw a little black macular degeneration spot. It looked like a freckle. Dr. assured me…still no cause for concern. But still. Whoa.

• The majority of sun damage done to eyes is done before the age of 18. Time to get Levi some real sunglasses. He is so big I might just have him wear some of mine. Probably not these big cat-eye ones. 

• I was eating some level 4 Thai curry the other week in such a ladylike manner that I splashed the sauce into my eye, resulting in one of the worst eye pains I’ve ever experienced. I learned this didn’t damage my eye (which I was worried about). But the eye doctor was amused.

• My eye prescription decreased. So my eyesight has improved a bit, which is crazy. Cutting down on graphic design work and increasing in painting-work might be a culprit. Or not eating out as much and painfully staring at menus that are far away. Either way, Wahoo! 

• Our eye insurance pretty much hooks you up with some sweet new frames with very little out of pocket expenses…which I plan on doing with my new, lower prescription. Oversized cat-eye glasses here we come.

Which leads me to the whole point of this over-sharing…

We’ve used VSP for our family’s vision insurance for the past four years, and it’s become a no brainer for us. Health insurance confuses and frustrates me, but not our vision care. Signing up through your employer can be as simple as checking a box, and costs us as much as a family coffee run…or maybe less (one hazelnut americano, one triple cappuccino and a bag of popcorn for Levi.)

I am wearing so many hats these days and will admit I try to avoid going to any doctor as much as possible, mainly because it’s a time-consuming pain. But, for this yearly eye exam, we were in, we were out, and I scheduled it just a few days before. A small win is a big win these days. Levi even came along and read out the letters during the exam (maybe that’s why my eyesight improved, I had help.) 

So, with open enrollment upon us, I’m here to say our fam is a fan of VSP (cool stat: 1 in 4 people have VSP, and 87% of members stay covered with them for life.) So consider VSP Vision Care if you’re looking to enroll through an employer.  Have any questions about open enrollment? Check out SeeMuchMore.com. It’s a great way to save some money and keep your eye health in check.

Plus, the yearly eye exams are pretty entertaining/educational/fascinating. 

Did I mention VSP also helps with the cost of sunglasses? Well, protecting your eyes from the sun is a vital part of eye health, so…it does. Hallelujah.

Now, make sure you and your family are covered this enrollment period so you can schedule your family’s eye exams worry-free.

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