Q&A with Gabby Reece

Gabby Reece rocks. I recently had the pleasure to meet her, and do one of her circuit classes when I was over on Kauai. If that wasn’t enough to make me ecstatic, she did a little Q&A for Goldfish Kiss that I think I need to print out and frame. Enjoy…

What do you think has been the biggest advantage to life on the beach and now being able to raise a family there as well?
I think it’s a real blessing when you can live anywhere near nature – we happen to be by the ocean. The advantage is that I think it’s the best place to raise my children; they get to play in nature, learn about nature and appreciate nature. Plus being in nature gives us a constant reminder of how small we all are.

What do you think is the best thing a gal can do for her body? The Worst?
Best; I think is to learn how to love your body and do things that you enjoy using your body so it becomes more of a tool rather than an object.
Worst: One is to waste good health and second is to judge your body under a microscope.

Best Beauty tip anyone ever gave you: One of the best accessories is a smile and a firm butt.

Just for kicks: Favorite Swimwear line? Dream Vacation? Favorite Beach?
At the moment Melissa Odabash – don’t love vacations – Lumahai on Kauai

Thanks a million Gabby…I’m now off to do a ton of lunges while smiling.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Gabby360.com for tips, workouts, recipes and loads of motivation.

Adorable & beautiful photo by: Pamela Hanson

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