Up Close and Personal. A lot of

Up Close and Personal. 

A lot of the time a favorite part of one of my paintings is just a section of it, some random area where the colors bleed together, a certain scribble, or just how it looks zoomed in up close. That’s where all the craziness happens. And is what I love. It’s hard to show off those details when I take a pic of an entire painting on here, so, I figured I’d zoom in on a few and show off the messy, colorful, couldn’t replicate if I tried, craziness. 

Now, what to paint next…

Prints of most of these (some are new and need to be added to shop) are available at goldfishikissgoods.com. High five/ Speaking of which, I’m floored by all of your support. Gracias. Merci, and thank you many times over. Hope you all have loved seeing the details up close and personal too.      

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