Dear Jouer Papaye, you lived up to the hype. Thanks for the peachy golden mermaid lips that lasted for hours.

Yup. Here is a post all on a single lipstick. And yes, I even did an annoying pucker up pic to show it off.

So, after hearing about this matte, metallic, stays on all day lip creme that people are freaking out about (It was on the Today show. They were also talking about magnetic fake eyelashes. Something else I might investigate) I did my due diligence – I googled it, then immediately purchased a tube, and hopped my bootie on the bandwagon.

It’s one part shimmery mermaid vibe, one part sexy bare looking lips and one part Grace Jones approved bad assedness. 

I also kinda dig the dry lips look for some odd reason, so I don’t mind the matte/dry feel either. And I just really, really really like the color…even if it’s totally impossible to photograph. 

But I tried. 

Jouer Papaye Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick – google it like me, or you can pick some up at Nordstrom or Amazon 

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