I’m finally starting to settle in

I’m finally starting to settle in, which, in our case is just an odd statement. Are you ever really settled when you are renting and in the back of your mind you know you won’t be in this place forever? So, instead of saying getting settled in, I’m calling it, operation make this place feel like home. 

Which, for me means making it feel somewhat beachy. Even though we are nowhere close to a beach. 

…and getting sidetracked to take pics. Like I did above.

I’ll document all the “make your home feel somewhat beachy (regardless of locaion) tips” in a big roundup post, and probably in little individual ones like this.With some sidetracked picture taking. 

 But for now, here’s one trick – leave your boards and beach stuff out everywhere. In every room.  For you and anyone who comes over to see. They’re my favorite type of decoration. 

The deets: Jeans from Mother Denim The Crop Step Fray in Hijacking the runway (also available here and here) // Current Elliott Tee (Sold out but similar styles in here) // Reef Rover sneakers  (They have rubber insoles so I don’t have to wear socks. Score.) // Anklets – Forever Soles (crochet) and I tied up a wrap choker by Lexi Jewelry to be an anklet. (Fun trick I’ve been doing ever since this post.) // Alola Maui Weekender // Mayde Australia Shibori towel //  …oh yeah and my old, favorite, little quad fish. I bought it on Craigslist when we lived on Oahu, has been, and will probably always be my favorite board. Even thought it’s getting pretty beat up. 

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