Spring Bling and Rad Things

Nothing profound to say, but I had some rad pics to share. Spring things and spring bling is the theme. Or… just we’ve had some gorgeous days up here, with good lighting, so I could do these beautiful pieces some justice.

I did my best to link everything below. Sorry, no mirror selfies, I stink at those.

Top to bottom:

AnnaCoco Hawaii Handmade jacket.

Might be my favorite arm stack in a loooong time : Lexi Jewelry, Jemma Sands, Kate Davis Jewelry, Names For Good and Hawaii Heritage Jewelers

Finally got some duck boots I adore – The new Sorel Out and About Boots, but they also kinda have a sneaker vibe.

27 Miles Malibu  sweater and my mom’s Lack of Color Hat she found at Nordstrom Rack.

Fun stuff. Literally.




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