Well, this new app rocks

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I love to make a mood board. Usually, they have a theme of some sort, and I think they are just pretty darn rad.

The only thing is they take a loooooong time to create, and I’ve found myself in this season of life not having that much time to sit down and make them. (Mamas got to sleep, folks) Then there’s finding the images, the links, etc.

Enter the new app that’s pretty much a knight in shining armor to solve this dilemma, Shuffles. 

It’s made by the creators of Pinterest, and basically it’s a Vitamix for getting your creative juices flowing. You can easily cut out and resize images you’ve pinned to make them into a collage – it does everything I did in Photoshop for me, and in half the amount of time. Maybe less.

You can animate certain aspects of the collages, and it’s basically a big ol blank canvas for cutting and pasting from things you’ve pinned on Pinterest. (It’s linked to your Pinterest account) or there are some pre-selected stock images as well. There are some fun type features too (that are typographically good-looking, which is important). I haven’t even scratched the surface of the kick-ass creations you can make with this thing, but I had to share right away because it certainly gets the brain butterflies going.

My FAVORITE part is the shuffles are automatically added to you your pins on Pinterest and under each shuffle/collage dealio it shows and links to all the pins in it. So you can tap on part of the collage and it’ll take you to that pin and link. So it’s brilliant there.

These were the first two shuffles I made, they’re both kinda Spring themed, I guess. I am just so pumped to be able to easily make and share mood boards/vision boards consistently, I had to share.

Now, download it and get creating. 

*Pinterest has no clue who I am, and neither do Shuffles. I just love the app and wanted to talk about it. And it takes a LOT for me to actually download an app these days.

I’m @goldfish_kiss over there too. ( Just realised these images are watermarked with it too.)

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