Let’s try and cure Mondayitus.


If there’s any day of the week that needs a mental happy pill, it’s Monday. Most of us even start dreading Mondays so much, that a little black raincloud starts hanging over our heads once the sun goes down Sunday night. 

No bueno. Let’s fix that.

So, I figured I’d share a few simple tricks that help me make this dreaded day of the week suck a little less. Because today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present….even on a Monday.

FIRST OFF: The best thing is to mentally tell yourself: “today is going to be awesome, and I am going to do my best to enjoy it, and make it through it a better person.” But we all know that’s easier said than done. My brain can be pretty stubborn in this department.

Now on to the tips…

Shake up the routine. Grab your coffee somewhere new, or if you make it at home, stop for your cup o’ joe somewhere. (for me this is 7 Eleven. I keep it classy.) Wake up a little bit early and eat breakfast at a diner while (gasp) reading an actual newspaper. You get it, something a little different to break up the monotony.

Get outside for lunch. Pack your lunch and eat it outside, at a park, on a patio, bring a blanket or towel and have your own mini picnic, or if you are within short driving distance…get thee to the beach. Get away from your desk, computer, and screens, and have some quiet, fresh air, me time. If you really want a little more mental zen, bring a book and read for a minute too.

Volunteer. One of the best go-to ways to make yourself feel better, is to do something for someone else. So why not figure out somewhere to volunteer on a Monday night. Even if it’s for a half an hour, it’s amazing how rewarding it is and how much you will look forward to it. If organized volunteering isn’t working with your schedule, it can also be something as simple as going to the beach and picking it up for a while, baking something for a neighbor, or walking dogs at an animal shelter.

Workout in a new way. If you do the exact same workout every monday (especially if it’s cardio on a machine), have monday be your “try something new day”. So, each Monday try and do something new for your workout. It can be a new class (I am actually looking into doing hip hop class at a local dance studio. Hold back your laughter please), a new hike, swimming laps, grabbing a TRX and taking your workout outside, joining a sports team, or if you are close to waves…going for a surf.  

Get together with a friend. Why save the weekend for all the dates and get togethers? I say call up a friend and go for a walk, surf or hike, get together and cook dinner, (bonus points if you try a new recipe), skype or facetime chat with a friend or family member who is out of town, or heck, even go to a movie. The added camaraderie and actual human interaction with someone outside of work is great food for your soul. 


So there you go. Hopefully one of these will help you not waste any more time dreading a day, and do something to making it just a wee bit better.

I am sure there are a million more, so if anything helps you enjoy your Mondays, I want to know. 

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