RX Bikini Bod: Health & Fitness Guest Blog Post for FOAM

There once lived a girl who did the 30 grams of carbs a day diet, hour upon hour on the Stair Master, and thought that a Super Big Gulp of Diet Coke sufficed as a low calorie meal. Thankfully during her senior year of college, she met her husband to be, who was training for the NFL draft, and learned what it really took to have your body look and feel its best. To her surprise, it was quite easy: eat well, lift weights, be active, and treat your body well– it’s the only one you’ve got.

That girl was me, and I am so glad to have sort of figured things out.

So, here’s what I’ve learned:

-Being healthy isn’t rocket science. Eat healthy and try to do something that makes you sweat each day.
-Lift weights (heavy ones) at least three times a week. You won’t get big, I promise.
-Eat as many fruits and veggies as possible.
-Elliptical machines will not get you a body like Jessica Biel.
-Pull-ups will single handedly get your arms ripped and help with your surfing.
-Yoga rocks.
-Cooking your own food does wonders for your waistline and bank account.
-Finding an active hobby like surfing or hiking is a must.
-Healthy, fit, awesome bodies come in all different shapes, sizes and heights.

And here is why you might want to listen to me:

-I’m a former Division 1 college athlete. I wasn’t the superstar, but I have a Big 10 Championship ring and kicked butt in my conditioning tests.
-My husband is C.S.C.S. certified (so there is certification in the family).
-I will not be caught dead working out in a gym in just a sports bra and spandex. In fact, I usually workout in shorts and an XL tee, and am not satisfied until the shirt is soaked in sweat.
-Gabrielle Reece is definitely my fitness inspiration. She rocks.
-I have a blast working out.
-People say I am an awesome cook.
-Balance is key and I will gladly pig out on Mexican food from time to time.

I’m FOAM’s newest Health & Fitness blogger, so I’ll be back every Wednesday with my fitness tips, recipes, DIYs and more! Enjoy the posts, and cheers to a healthy and fun new year.


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