Yup. You can stay healthy during

Yup. You can stay healthy during this time of year. And yes you can do it without being the person eating a handful of kale at a cookie exchange. It’s all about balance, finding joy in an eggnog latte, but even more so in a bundled up run or while dancing your bootie off at a party. It’s about savoring your favorite holiday treats, but also finding ways to get drenched in the sweat that treats your body.

One piece of pie isn’t going to make or break your fitness, but deciding to move your body a little bit each day, is a big piece in the picture of good health. 

So I say, life, and this holiday season is short. Enjoy things in moderation. Try out that cinnamon roll recipe, as well as that cool hike. Bake cookies with your fam, and go for a walk afterwards. Laugh…as much as possible. 

…and in regards to #10, the rock is my fitness inspo. Yes, even during the holidays. I’d bet he’s doing the same. He just can lift a helluva lot more than me. 


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