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Honest truth time: I used to post pics like this all of the time. Me. A salty sandy poser in a bikini on a beach. But for some reason it’s getting hard to press post while wearing a pic of my favorite type of clothing. The very subject that I pretty much started this blog on however many years ago.

Oh bikinis. Such a fun thing to wear, and a sign you are somewhere great. But then there are so many heavily loaded expectations, emotions and opinions that get stirred up over two tiny bits of fabric. And don’t get me started on the anger that is whipped up in my mind when I hear the term bikini shape, or bikini season.

I really wanted to write a long winded post on these feelings, but then I realized a few things.

I really am overthinking this. Seriously, I never take myself this seriously.

I love this suit.

I will admit that I think I look good.

I’ve worked my butt off. Diligently. For many many years. And will continue to for many many more.

So I am giving any weird, deep rooted, stupid, taking myself too seriously, and overthinking self doubt or insecurity that the blogging and social media world (oh I could go an and on an on about this. But I was taught if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.) has created in my brain over the past year or so, a huge kick in the arse.

…and am posting the darn pic. And many more to come.

Hopefully this will inspire someone else out there to say screw it, and just press post too.

If you’re sandy and happy, and feel good and know it. Clap your hands and spread it around.

Bikini by Mikoh

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