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Well, I just had to cruise down to LA for a meeting, and I had fully intended on going out and about, hitting up some of my favorite places, and you know, reminiscing a bit. But, then I realized…traffic. And then we checked into our little guest house…and I didn’t want to leave. (Other than for the meeting and a trip to the beach before we headed to the airport.)

I have a love-hate relationship with LA – So many opportunities, fun surf within a two-hour drive in either direction, so much sunshine, but so much traffic, people, smog, crowds, superficial BS, and stuff that just gets me anxious. But then, there are little nooks where you don’t feel like you’re in LA, even when you’re surrounded by it. And I kind of love that feeling.

Example: The place we stayed for the aforementioned meeting trip. I thanked God today for finding it and for Laurence (the lady who runs it). It’s like a little french nook with some So cal flair. Think tiled swimming pool, fountain, all white linen everything with pops of color, Nespresso machine (currently drinking), and lots of flowers and plants.

Places like this make me throw out an agenda, and just spend some time writing, journaling, or finishing a book by the pool. Which is always a good sign. And stuff I need to do more of anyways.

If I’m ever coming back to LA, you know where I’ll be trying to stay.

Gotta check out now. Parting is such sweet sorrow. So is the 405. Good thing we’re making a pit stop by the beach.

(I wish I had my camera to fully document this place, so iPhone pics will have to do.)

Wearing: Soludos Sneakers (New favorite kicks) + Faithfull The brand shirt dress dealio + journaling in this beauty.

*And here’s the link to where we stayed.

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  • I feel this! I lived in LA for a year recently and absolutely hated it. You summed it up perfectly, which is something a lot of my friends and family didn’t understand when I left. Yes, there are so many cool things to do and see, but holy heck it takes an entire day just to get one thing done- which is so draining!