Let’s make some cashew milk.

I get rather excited when I find out how to make something new, that is in the healthy and non processed genre. Example: in college, my friend Gina, taught me how to make gravy (aka marinara sauce for us non Italian folk), and I have not purchased any pre-made stuff since. The same goes for salad dressing, marinades, peanut sauce, and now…nut milk. Well, cashew milk to be exact.

After posting a pic of this delectable iced coffee beverage, a super sweet follower commented and told me how to make my own cashew milk. Which I went ahead and did, and it’s quite tasty.

So I thought I’d pass on the info.

All you do is: 

• put a handful of raw cashews in a blender

• *Add in 6 oz of water

• Pulverise that combo for 20 seconds.

Et Voila…you have home made cashew milk. (Aka something homemade I never thought I could make.)

*If you want more flavor add a dash of vanilla extract, agave and cinammon. That’s delish too. 

Cheers to learning something knew…and drinking some nuts.

Thanks to my whale measuring cups, and scarf which helped make the pic somewhat cute. Milk is not cute. 

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