Letting My Mind Fly

Just going to get some random th0ughts out there and let my mind fly for a bit. Ok, I love this picture too, realized I hadn’t shared it on here, and well, it was a nice fit.

First off, I’m writing this sitting in a hammock on a sunny day, with about 30 minutes to spare before I have to go pick up Levi from Pre-K. The sun is out, Kili is lying in the grass beside me. I haven’t spilled my coffee that’s balanced on the ground under me. Life is good.

And it’s quick little 20-30 minute breaks like these in my day, (that seem to be less and less frequent) are when I am finding time to do anything remotely creative these days – Write, take pictures, paint, maybe shoot off a few emails. But I’d rather create stuff. (Sorry if you’re waiting on an email reply.) Way often than not, I just go into an unfocused frenzy trying to do stuff and end up doing nothing, too.

Days feel crammed, but I despise that feeling. Crammed makes things go by too fast, and you miss little moments. It’s in the unplanned relaxing times when I say to hell with to-do’s that my mind feels at ease or I can kick my worries and self-doubt to the curb.

Interestingly enough, you’re also subconsciously led to feel guilty or lazy for enjoying those times. Thankfully, I’m pretty good at ignoring that part of my subconscious, but it’s still there.

But between attempting to get eight hours of sleep a night ( Was trying to function on four for a while so I could be “More productive” And well, that didn’t last long. It still happens though.) – Working out and being active, ( which I love and just NEED) –  being a mama to a very precocious 5 year old (which is a blast and I’m already going through withdrawals knowing he will be in Kindergarten in a few more months) – My blog/social media job (which it seems like you have to be on top of nonstop or else the internet and IG will punish you for wanting an offline life), my art job ( which I wish I had a clone for so I could paint more and more often – maybe I just need to do less, but more often. Hmmm.) Attempting to take care of our home (I read an article on daily house cleaning checklists and laughed. I’m lucky if I make my bed and do the dishes.) – and my marriage. (Love you, Grant.) – Days can fly by.

So I’m loving finding the beautiful moments that happen in between all of the above, or during the crammedness. I think that’s a crucial part of feeling balanced.

Cheers to finding a lovely new song while painting after midnight, cuddling up and reading to Levi,  watching an old episode of Entourage with my husband for the 7th time, breaking a sweat in our garage, seeing how massive my pile of laundry can get, playing fetch with my dog, Ignoring likes and analytics, dreaming of travels, just saying to hell with trying to keep up with anything and enjoy those moments in a day when I can let my mind breathe…

On that note, time’s up. Off to pick up Levi.

*I have no clue if this made any sense at all, but it sure felt good to just sit down and write. And my coffee didn’t spill. It just now cold.

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  • So much of this- I can totally relate. The whole use of time, how to use it, be more efficient, but also relax without thinking about what you could be accomplishing. Taking time for ourselves to restore our own sanity. Enjoying time with our kids because they will remember if we don’t. Thank you for writing it out. Be well.