Dreaming up the perfect day

It’s relaxing to just let my mind wander and reminisce, especially about sunshine, salt, sand, and surf. Which had me thinking this juicy thought: if I could describe my perfect beach day, what would it be?

The funny thing is after moving away from the beach, I’m not too picky, which means any day at the beach honestly sounds perfect, and I crave it being just a quick 10-minute driveway to toes in the sand commute. Heck, even a beach outing when a hurricane is starting to roll in sounds great. I’ll never forget feeling the wind and watching the waves crash over the pier in Navarre Beach during hurricane season. Wow.

Anywho. A perfect beach day, what would it be…

Early morning glassy surf

Beach nap

Just stare at the ocean and clear my mind

Go for a walk and look for shells



…and repeat all of that a few times, with preferably very few humans around,

…until someone brings me a six pack and some pizza around sunset.

Then maybe just sit and watch the stars for a bit and call it a day.

A perfect day.

*My day today was nothing like this – in fact, today was the polar opposite. Same with yesterday. But it just feels good to let my mind wander, or look forward to having a day like the aforementioned sometime soon, and you bet I’ll be soaking up every salty minute of it.

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