Cabo Photo Journal

The last time I was in Cabo was a decade ago – for my close friend’s 30th birthday. Well, I just got back from another pinch me, is this real-life trip, celebrating her 40th. And, we’ve been friends since we were twelve. Whoah. Time flies and friendship is amazing.

It also was the first time I’ve traveled solo since a quick 48 hour trip to Miami swim week three years ago. But this was just a weeee bit more relaxing. Although it took a day to get rid of the constant feeling that I was forgetting something.

I pretty much sunned my buns in between margaritas, went for beach walks, relaxed, ate my weight in amazing Mexican food, and laughed a ton…so figured I’d share a few pics to share the relaxing vibe and plethora of sunshine.

Few things to link: 

New hat = A custom embroidered beauty by Corazon Playero 

XIX Palms Pants + Shirt ( Made a grrrreat travel set)

Too many bangles and necklaces to link and have it make sense – it’s just how I roll when I get to get back to the beach. 

We stayed at Las Ventanas. Pinch me. It was perfecto beyond belief. 

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