Lorna Jane. Win some.


It’s a pretty great feeling to find a line of workout gear that you see eye to eye with in terms of design, fit, aesthetic and the over all brand message. 

Actually, it rocks my world.

So, if you haven’t heard of Lorna Jane, let me introduce you. 

If you have heard of the radness, please welcome me with open, sweaty arms into your squad. And regardless, be sure to click on over to enter to win some of your own now.

Now, a little more about Lorna, and how it does your body lots o’ good….

Lorna Jane was founded in 1989 when founder, Lorna Jane Clarkson, sewed her first piece out of her home in Brisbane, Australia (why oh why have I not been to Australia yet? There must be something bad ass in the water.) fast forward a few decades, and boom…it’s now a bloomin’ global brand. Even though Lorna might now be sewing all the pieces herself anymore, she could afford one helluva sweet sewing machine. 

The pieces are always pretty much change each month (with a few staples always in the mix), but the durability/innovation (super high quality stuff), fit (ahem, flattering), and ability to wear things during a sweat session or coffee date (aka you look stylin’ and like you have a great butt) has stayed the same. 

I’m also a big fan of their mantra/brand message: Move Nourish Believe. You’ve got to move your body, nourish it, and believe in yourself. High five and a warm fuzzy for that. 

Now, onto the gear. Some of my favorites are: The Amy Tight, in any shape or form, this mesh hoodie (which I’m wearing above and also happens to be pretty darn soft) And the sports bras, which are supportive, yet fun, and there are LOTS of neons in the mix. Which gives me permagrin.

You can pretty much go as edgy or as basic as you are comfortable with. Which I think is fantastic. 

So yeah. I think this is a pretty great line. 

Yeah Lorna Jane.

And finally…lets end this post on a happy dance inducing note: I am thrilled to partner up with them to give away a $150 gift card, so someone out there can pick out whatever goods her stylin’ meathead heart desires.

To enter: Just click here. 

That’s it. So easy. I’ll post the directions again. Click here.

Winner will be announced the morning of September 16th. 

Ready, schweaty, go…

Wearing: Sports Bra, Hoodie, Shorts, and mesh long sleeve top by Lorna Jane, and my favorite $2 trucker hat I love working out in too. 

**Contest is over and the winner has been emailed and notified by me. Thank you all for entering! 

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