Running in the rain is one

Running in the rain is one of my favorite past times. It really is like exercise, therapy, and a shower, all balled up into one refreshing amazing experience. Actually, if you think about it, running in less than ideal conditions has a bit of a Rocky-Balboa-I’m-hardcore element to it, and it’s an ultimate stress reliever. Some of my favorite runs were done in a deluge (yes, an ipod died), late at night or early in the morning before the sun came up (on well lit streets), in the snow (even though I didn’t go fast), or my favorite…barefoot, while it’s drizzling and foggy on the beach (thank you Cannon Beach).

The moral of this tip: When you make an effort to get outside, regardless of the conditions, your mind and body thanks you, it’s more invigorating, and although you do have to shower afterwards, getting drenched in the process just feels pretty darn good.

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