RX Bikini Bod: Splish splash I was burning some fat

Temperatures have risen all over, I officially saw it on the weather channel this morning. Which means, get outside, hop in the nearest body of water, and get your swim on.

But, sometimes just swimming back and forth for 30 minutes in a pool can get a bit boring, so here are a few fun & quick, splish splash I was burning some fat, workouts.

1. Intervals: Swim as fast as you can, to one end of the pool and back, rest 30 seconds. Repeat 12 times. This is my fave. Bump it up a notch: Race a friend each time.

2. Swim, Kick, Pull: Swim 4 laps, then grab a kick-board and kick 4 laps, then using only your arms pull 4 laps (most pools have the foam tube things you put between your thighs, or you can hold the kick-board with you knees). Repeat the circuit 3 more times. Congrats, you just worked your lungs, butt and arms.

3. Water-Resistance workouts: Do the following series of exercises for 1 minute each, then repeat two more times (no rest time), for a great quick 15 minute workout. Tip: make sure your bottoms and bikini top are secure.

  1. Underwater punches (squat down and punch back and forth as fast as you can and like you would on a punching bag)
  2. Squat jumps
  3. Arm flys: With your arms straight underwater, bring them back even with your shoulders and forward as fast as you can (see this video at 2:37-2:40 for reference.)
  4. Alternating lunge jumps
  5. Pushups: at the edge of the pool do as many pushups as fast as you can. (The shallower, the harder. Bring it on Kiddie pool.)

4: OR…Grab some weights and workout like Laird Hamilton does in his pool. THAT, I need to try.

Pic: Marilyn Smith

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