Scenes from Home

I’ll admit it, photographing around our home is not my forté, and figuring out how to take pics these past 9, or 127 weeks, has me wanting to bang my head against a wall at times. I mean, an empty beach with white sand and blue water is just…SO much…easier. Yet, I have a new appreciation for our home. It’s been a sanctuary, a place of learning and growing, a relief from the mental hamster wheel I tend to go into when I feel like I need to be Super-productive Woman, and I’ve never been more thankful for a fully fenced backyard in my life.

So, here are a few pics from around the home. Yeah, I know they might not be idyllic, but I know I’ll look back one day and think they’re dreamy in their own special way. Ok, I just looked back at them after spellchecking this (I will probably still find more typos), and well, I always say there’s something beautiful in every day, which definitely includes those when you’re at home relearning how to enjoy the simple things in life.

Top to bottom:

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival was canceled this year, but you could still order tulips, so my mom sent a bouquet from Tulip Town to me. Well done mom, Well done on so many levels.

If the temps are over 75, we bust out the beach teepee. I love the beach teepee. Even in the grass when we have to double-check the vicinity for dog poop before putting it up.

Yes, that’s a shelfie. Fact: The only thing I’ve managed to sort or organize during this time is my skincare/beauty products. They’re all in there, folks. I also spent so much time editing the pic to try and make it look somewhat cool I just had to post it somewhere to make the effort worthwhile. (If anyone has any questions about any of the products, let me know. There are too many to link.)

The rhododendron are blooming in beauteous colorful bunches everywhere (Our front yard included. Hallelujah.) So, naturally, I laid a bunch out for a pic, then left them out and it rained all night. The messy day after the rain pic was, of course,  so much better.

My guys. I love my guys. That print by Blacklist Studio got me all choked up when I saw it for the first time, then again when I finally hung it up…a year and a half later.

There are lots of homemade costumes dance parties. This is Batman (Always has to be 1960’s Adam West) and Catwoman.

Yup. That’s a fruity pebble covered doughnut. If you ever stumble across a Legendary doughnut location, I highly recommend this edible work of sugar-laden art. Pair it with one of their cold brews then be ready to feel like you can fly for about 45 minutes.

I say it a lot, but it’s true, La Vie Est Belle, and there’s beauty in every day. Especially with fruity pebble doughnuts.


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  • Love these photos! The beach is beautiful, but home is too 🙂

    Also…I love your (mala?) bracelet in the tulip photo! Any deets on it??