I just really like zoning out

I just really like zoning out for a few minutes, painting boards, drawing patterns and bleeding colors together. And fins. Fins are fun. Art is fun. It all should be fun. These are fun. Fun fun fun. 

Back to scenics and portraits soon. I have a few ideas I wish I had a clone so I could just go paint for three days straight and hammer them all out. So we will see how long those will take to actually do. But, my brain definitely has butterflies in the art department right now, and I think I might keep on doing little board sketches weekly as well. Who knows what it will evolve into. My husband suggested I actually paint on some of my surf fins. So that might need to happen too. 

Fun times. 

I turned these three into one piece (in photoshop), so you can easily buy prints, or notecards of ‘em all together. (Yes. That was not at all subtle hint to go check out my art shop, goldfishkissgoods.com)

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