RX Bikini Bod: The Playground workout

I am a kid at heart, and am not lying when I say I love working out. So it is no surprise that I tend to find ways to make a playground a gym…and do some workouts.

A lot of cities have put in “gym parks” with pull up bars, benches, parallel bars, and even rings and ropes you can climb. (Ahem, Santa Monica that’s you.) Regardless of what type of apparatuses you have nearby in play-land, a workout there can a total blast, and you can completely kick your butt.

So get outside, be creative and make up some circuits. Monkey bars are seriously hard to do, and are great for different types of pull ups (thanks to kids being naturally short, you can use the ground to help if you can’t do any yet). There is usually open space nearby to do sprints. Swings can be like a free TRX, and you can do a push up, squat & abs anywhere. In case you need some inspiration, just search “playground workout” on you tube, or try out my l’il circuit below…

Kid at heart workout circuit.

Set 1: Go across the monkey bars, do 10 push ups, sprint 50 yards out and back. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 4 times

Set 2: 6 pull ups (using pull up bar or monkey bars) 10 Push ups, (either with hands & feel on parallel bars, hands on a bench, or normal on the ground.) 10 Single leg squats (use a bench or anything your butt can land on), 30 jumping jacks. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 4 times

Set 3: 15-25 dips (use bench or slide or parallel bars) 10 hanging crunches (use anything you can hang from) 6 pull ups ( use a different grip than previous set), 10 step ups each leg, 6 Burpies. Rest 45 seconds. Repeat 4 times.

Voila! Recess is officially in session. But now you know you can kick any bully’s butt.

Photo by: Lauren Heeren

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