Well, it happened. Again. I went around the sun one more time and turned 38. HALLELUJAH for another 365 of this amazing thing called life. Aside from making sure the day was a little different, involved some sort of saucy caffeinated/adult beverage, and had a hefty dose of fresh air, I figured it’s fun to just sit down and reflect a bit too. 

Ready, set, reflect…

First off to clarify a bit on how I like to do birthdays. I just think it’s cool to make it a different day: go grab a saucy coffee drink at your coffee shop. (Add an extra shot.) Go for a beach run in the middle of the day, (and don’t wear a stopwatch.) Get carryout, or grab some beers and a pizza, then go watch the sunset on the beach (we did this.) It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Just, you know…a different day. Keep the expectations low, but the possibilities for special moments high. I’m just a fan of birthdays like that. 

But then it’s fun to just let your mind roam a bit too. I really wanted to write a down 38 quick thoughts for 38 years, but even I don’t think I’d sit down and read that. Even if each thought was a single sentence. 

So here’s what I’m thinking…I highly doubt this will be close to the aforementioned number.

It’s great to get a year older. I mean, consider the alternative. So ladies, please be proud and celebrate a chance to live another year. I’m so over people hiding and lying about their age. Celebrate it. Deal? Deal. 

Speaking of age, “Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90… time is a concept that humans created.” ~ Yoko Ono. She knows what’s up. Gosh, I love that quote.

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” ~Chili Davis …also love that one. Big time.

If you want to feel younger, hang out and talk with people much older than you, if you want to feel older, hang out with a bunch people younger than you. You learn a lot by hanging out with people in different age ranges. Different perspectives rock, and tend to make you more grateful. I love telling my mom when I think I’m feeling or looking old, then hearing her laugh out at loud at my ridiculousness, then it’s also fun to just sit and talk about making slime and getting sick from the school corn dogs with the kids that live on our street. 

I’m also coming to grips that there might not be a miracle skin product out there that is, in fact, anti-aging. Or there might be, but it would cost me all of my savings, and I’d rather use that for travel. So in the meantime, I’ll just keep on drinking a ton of water, wearing sunscreen daily, eating a balanced diet, and taking a LOT of fish oils, and a high quality multivitamin. I swear that’s the best list of things you can do for your skin. And I mean if you’re happy and loving life, it shows and you kind of glow from within.

But if I could recommend a creme, Dr. Roebuck’s Nuddy (formerly known as pure) might be my all time favorite. Actually, I need to pick up another bottle. Their eye creme is pretty darn stellar too. 

Also, I’m convinced working out, moving, breathing, sweating, and taking care of your body daily (I mean it’s the only one I got, might as well give it some daily TLC) is a seriously great investment in yourself, and inspiring way to make getting older so much more bearable, fun, and empowering.

So is sleep. Which I really need to get more of. So I need to wrap this up.

I think that was eight thoughts. 

Here’s one more.  

If I have one goal for this next year is to keep on learning: Learn a new skill, learn ways to take better care of myself, learn how to be somewhat sort of organized, learn how to take care of a plant, learn to make ranch dressing from scratch…just keep on learning. Because if there’s something I learn each year, it’s how much I don’t know, and how much I want to keep on growing. 

So bring it on 38.

Reflecting = done. And I’m 100% certain I’ll remember a dozen things I wanted to say tomorrow. 

But for now, this Mama needs some sleep.

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