Get out and travel. Then read

Get out and travel. Then read lots and lots of different, amazing pages.

I’ve never regretted money spent on travel. Legitimate, I want to get out go somewhere new and experience it in as real of a form as I can, travel. The sights, smells, experiences and lessons are priceless. So I say, make travel a priority. Save up, don’t eat out a ton, buy used clothes, and start a travel fund. Get creative. It’s possible. 

And be thankful for frequent flier miles.

It doesn’t have to be all be glamorous and expensive. Get a plane ticket, or hop in a car and drive. Then live cheaply, and do the cool free stuff once you are there. Last time I checked, staring at the stars at night while lying on a beach was free. Same with picnics at the summit of a sweet hike.

There. That’s my pump up speech. If I was a billionaire I’d just fly random people to amazing places around the globe with me to share the joy. But for now, this little motivational post will do. 

So let’s all start racking up some more passport stamps and frequent flier miles and embracing our insatiable wanderlust, shall we? 

Or at least dream of it.


Thanks Kammie for the pic and adventure. Muwah!

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