Under the sea.


It’s crazy how many super rad and inspiring gals I met over the past few months. One being photographer Kelsey Finn. Much to my delight, we were able to get together one morning on the West side for a rather sweet shoot, in my favorite location. Under the warm, bright blue, oh so mesmerizing sea.

I figured I’d share some of the pics. I’ve actually had them on hand for a while, but I just kept going through them over and over, trying to decide which ones to post. She’s got mad skills. And I’m indecisive.

The ocean makes us feel humble, refreshed, inspired, and I’m convinced you rarely have a limb look out of place when you are in it.

Kelsey, I never knew I was so graceful

…and I never knew I could have so much salt water up my nose.

Thanks again. Enjoy.

Kelseyfinn.tumblr.com // Instagram: @kelseyfinniscool

Bikinis by: Roxy / Mara Hoffmann / Vitamin A / San Lorenzo / issa de mar

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