The Vacation Workout

When on vacation, one of my least favorite places to be is in a hotel workout room. But, I also love to workout (yes even on vacation), can’t sit still for a long period of time (blame my love for double espressos), and I also have no shame in being “that gal” looking a little odd while working out on the beach. 

Here’s a little solution (that helps solve every little problem mentioned above.) I like to call the vacation workout. 

It’s simple: Every 45 minutes throughout the day, do one of the following from the list below:

50 push ups

100 walking lunges

Go on a 10 minute run

Go on a walk

100 jumping jacks

Go Body surf/jump around and play in the water

Tread water for 5 minutes

100 body weight squats 

Those are a few ideas, but feel free to branch out and get creative. It’s simply a way to get up, move and play every now and then.

…in between lots of R & R. 

And perhaps a cerveza at the end of the day to celebrate 🙂

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