Scarf one up

Well, I figured I’d make another scarf for y’all. It’s of my Above the Set Watercolor, and it turned out to be rather gorgeous. And soft. And makes me ohhhh so content because it kind of has a tie-dye vibe, but it’s not tie-died. It’s just another magical thing to love about the look and feel of watercolor. Plus, the little surfers are fun pops of color, too.

(Yes It’s driving me nuts that I don’t have pictures of them on a sandy beach, but hey that’s life. The blue skies back at my parent’s in Colorado definitely help though.)

Since it’s officially Fall, might I add that it looks grrrrreat wrapped up like a chunky scarf, but without the weight, and still takes the chill off.

The original Beautiful Things scarves did so well (those are back in stock) I just figured it’d be fun to add another option into the mix. So, if water and waves are more of your thing vs. big tropical florals…here you go. Or, if you dig both, you’re officially covered.

High five for big, ridiculously soft, and versatile pieces of modal cashmere blend fabric.

…And wearable art.

Now, if you feel so inclined, please go shop. Or grabbing one as a gift for someone is a good call, too.

Goldfish Kiss scarves, find them over at


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