5 ways to be an uplifting person


I took this picture on Sunday morning when I was going for a niiiiiiice long beach walk. And a few minutes later, a woman who was jogging stopped and paid me a totally out of the blue compliment. Well, it made me stand up straighter, have a little more of a swagger in my step, feel better, and smile.

I kept walking and thought…you know what would be a good post? Talking about ways to get more ladies out there making other ladies feel freaking fantastic. 

So I kept walking and brainstorming a few ideas…et viola. You now have this post. 

There’s too much negativity and competition out there gals. Let’s uplift one another a bit. Deal? Deal.

Here’s a few easy ways. 

1: Give Someone A Genuine Compliment. 

Emphasis on the word genuine. I don’t recommend complimenting just to compliment or break an awkward silence. Love some ladies outfit, hair, or shoes? I mean REALLY love it. Don’t be shy. Let her hear she has killer style. Or Connie Britton hair (Ohhh Tammy Taylor)…Or that she just simply looks amazing, even if you are not sure exactly why. 

Even better though, go for a compliment that isn’t about appearance or something you can buy. A great smile, a sunny disposition, they make you laugh, are super strong, they are inspiring…let some woman out there hear it. You never know, maybe they need to be encouraged at that time. Some gal did this to me at the gym a while ago, and I still stand a little taller thinking about it. 

2: Actually Smile

What I failed to include when describing my morning walk was how many people I passed who just stared, or gave me the smell a fart face look. No, I don’t expect to have a conversation or be paid a compliment with everyone I pass on a walk. And no, I wasn’t walking topless with a huge booger in my nose. But, there’s something about making eye contact and a quick smile or smirk that says, “hey, I see you, thanks for being alive” that makes others feel better.

So, take your pick or combine a few: smile, nod your head, smirk, say hi, appear friendly, wave, or ask someone how they are doing. It just makes a difference. A very positive one.

3: Write or Send a Note. 

Ok, you have to actually know the person to do this, but never underestimate the power of pen and paper and connecting in non digital form with someone you care about. It doesn’t have to be long and sentimental. Hey, it can be sarcastic and funny for all I care. But taking the time to write a note or send a card, in a paper form, does wonders for the soul. And last time I checked, or wrote one, it takes under 3 minutes to write the card, address it and put it in the mail. I even used a stopwatch.

If you need any help or motivation, this shop has some fun cards

Someone out there…is going to be getting this card soon too. 

4: Offer To Help.

Little stuff like holding a door open for another woman, or (gasp) the tradition of bringing food over to a neighbor or friend, just because. Or, if you know someone is sick, tired, bored, or going through a rough time, figure out a way to help, whether it’s sending a gift card for a meal out, house cleaner, flowers (totally cool if it’s bouquet you picked and hand made) dog walker, referring a babysitter, picking them up on a whim for a beach walk or hike, dropping off cookies (even if you suck at baking) or giving them your Netflix password so they can binge watch Friday Night Lights. I dunno. Basically, if you find yourself thinking, “Oh man wouldn’t it be nice if someone _______.” Well, let’s try doing that for someone else. It doesn’t have to be something major. But little gestures of kindness do wonders for a woman’s self worth, and sanity. 

5: Be Nice

Women can be so incredibly mean to one another, yet also so incredibly inspiring, motivating, uplifting, and nice. So, when the opportunity or choice comes, choose the nice road. Sometimes it’s the harder road to take. But there’s only so many trolls this world can take. 

Also, an added perk I’ve realized of doing something to uplift/empower/make someone feel great/be nice…

You feel freaking fantastic in return.

So, dear lady on the beach who was running, I don’t know your name, but thank you for telling me I looked like “a vision”. I’ve never been called that before, and I needed to hear that at that moment. I should’ve complimented you on your great running form, and if I could, I’d take you out for a post-run smoothie, then send you a kick ass thank you note in the mail. 

If I knew your address.


Ready, set, uplift…

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