What does healthy look like?


There are a lot of things in the world of women’s fitness, that make me want to bash my head against the wall. But if there is one main item that would give me a concussion from the aforementioned head bashing, it’s the media’s perception on what a healthy women should look like. It’s almost like the pressure we have as women to all look like one type of beauty, has transitioned to include a pressure to all look like one type of healthy. And yes this tends to tick me off.

Just like how we all look different, we also all have different bodies. Yet, the media, advertising, and even social media still seem to gravitate towards waists smaller than 27", even though we all know healthy women come in all shapes and sizes. Even more frustrating…search for fitspo images anywhere, and the majority of photos are Victoria’s Secret models, or 16 year old girls who have yet to experience the wondrous world of will power known as college. (A big reason why I tag all my health posts with fitspo. Trying to break the norm.)

On a personal level, the few “fitness/athletic type” model castings I’ve been on, I was told I looked too athletic, too muscular, or too wide. Which I find weird, but flattering. Maybe it was because I could bench press the scrawny creative director who was doing the casting. Oh well. 

All in all, I find the perception of what healthy looks like, to be quite perplexing lately. 

So here’s my question to you: What do you think healthy looks like?

Is it a model on the cover of a magazine?

Is it a professional or college athlete? 

Is it the buff gal at the gym?

Is it someone on TV?

Is it the lady who just finished her first 10k, marathon or triathlon?

Is it a new mom who just started to workout again?

Is it the lady next to you in yoga?

Is it the gal paddling out in the lineup?

Is it the woman you passed running today (who smiled and waved)?

Is it someone who was sick or injured and can now go on a walk again?

Is it a women who has struggled with her weight her entire life and finally has kept those 10 lbs off?

Is it the woman who has struggled to gain weight, and finally has gained those 10 lbs so she feels better?

Is it you after a good day of clean eating and working out?

Is it me?


It’s all of those and a whole lot more.

Healthy is a way of life, not something you can sum up in one shape and size. In fact, seeing so many healthy women in different shapes, sizes, ages, and phases of life, is the easiest way to be inspired to be a healthier and happier…you.

End rant. Phew. I had to get that off my chest. 

Please feel free to leave your comments below on what you feel healthy looks like, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts. 

I struggled to figure out an image for this post, so this pic is one where I felt I looked healthy: Outside, hiking, by the ocean…and smiling. 

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