Around this time of year, the desire to work out tends to drop. Drastically. I tend to want to curl up on the couch, watch Love Actually, and eat some Holiday Desert recipe I found on Pinterest. So, I figured I’d whip up a little double whammy of motivation: A playlist and some sweet workout gear to go along with it. Because if good tunes don’t make you want to get up and move, the next best thing is a few good…clothes.

You can listen to the entire playlist here.

And here’s the goods.

1: Wake Me Up – By Avicii: In a bunch of layered Roxy Outdoor fitness.

2: You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid – By The Offspring: In some bright New Balance kicks.

3: Sofi Needs a Ladder – By deadmau5: In My favorite Lululemon pants: AKA The Skinny Will.

4: You Dropped A Bomb On Me – By The Gap Band: In a sports bra with a sense of humor.

5: Hey Ya – By Outcast: In Some O’neill 365 hybrid Gidget leggings.

6: Cold Hard Bitch – By Jet: In Some more O’neill 365 Hybrid gear. What can I say, I’m a fan.

7: Burn – By Ellie Goulding: In Some more Roxy Outdoor FItness gear that will get your booty outside, even if it’s freezing. Cha ching.

8: Can’t Hold Us – By Mackelmore: With a Prana eco friendly yoga mat…lime green. Yum.

9: Little Talks – By Of Monsters And Men: In a Local Celebrity tee (Because a soft grey baggy tee is the ultimate workout top. In my opinion.)

10: Hey Brother – By Avicii: In an oh so perfect for water workouts, Calavera Leotard

Boom. Go get schweaty.

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