I like to challenge myself. And

I like to challenge myself. And I prefer feeling awake and invigorated to feeling like I need a cold brew IV. So, today, when I was feeling totally blah and exhausted, I decided to just get up and move for like two minutes. Well, it worked like a charm. Better than a quadruple espresso even. 

So, I figured I’d challenge myself to do that quick little 3 minute get my body movin’ session once a day. For the next 50 days. Because it was 50 reps total. 50 for 50. Give me a gold star for cuteness. Or craziness. I’ll take either.

I even made a countdown page. Yes it’s official folks. Should you want to partake in the challenge with me, bookmark that link baby. 

Which I hope you do. 

I figured it’s just a quick few minutes you can do anywhere, at any time, to unplug, space out, and get your brain and body awake each day. Who knows, after a week or so it might feel like brushing your teeth or something, and you feel off if you haven’t done it. Which is a good thing. I think. 

So, I’m doing the following once a day, for 50 days. 

• 25 push ups

• 10 burpies

• 14 squat jumps

• 1 minute plank hold.

 ..and a high five for feeling awesome. 

*No worries if you miss some days, and if you ever are sick, you totally get a hall pass. Also feel free to mix up the movements if you get bored. Example, substitute Mountain Climbers for Burpies, Jumping jacks for push ups, doing the running man instead of plank holds. You get it. 

Cheers to getting up, working our bodies for a fraction of a fraction of the time we all spend scrolling through stuff on our phones each day, and feel freaking fantastic as a result. 

Fist pump emoji. 


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