Another 100 ladder

Ok. Yesterday was gorgeous, our patio was sunny, and I just felt like a good /ol sweat session. I’d usually do the 100 ladder during such an occasion, but have been wanting to figure out another similar workout, but with different moves. Which I did. And loved it. And yes I broke one helluva a sweat. 

So I had to share this bad boy. 

I also know my good pals, Monica and Pattie, (who also happen to be totally kick ass athletes) both did the 100 ladder workout, and have a love hate relationship with it. So Monica and Pattie, here’s another one for you gals. Muwah!

And of course anyone else who just wants a good workout, here you go. I also made a point to not include burpies for once. Just because they told me we needed to take a break.

 It’s one of those you can do anywhere anytime with minimal equipment types of dealios. I put youtube links to the moves in case you need an explanation. 


Grab a set of dumbbells (use a lighter weight), a char or a bench, and a resistance band. 

Now do the following. Have good form and don’t blast through everything since it’s high reps.

100 Squat Jumps

100 Hip Thrusts (With or without weight.)

100 Bench dips (A step or chair works too)

100 Band pull aparts

100 Seconds plank hold

50 walking lunges w/ alternating single arm press (50 each leg/arm)

50 RDL w/ Upright rows

50 Push Ups

50 Kettlebell swings (Can also use a dumbbell)

50 Ab Jackknives

25 Thrusters

25 Renegade Rows

25 Roll ups (Just the roll up part of the move he shows, not with the push up)

25 Tuck jumps

25 seconds side plank hold (each side)


Stretch, chug some water, smile at your sweat, and enjoy the fantastic feeling of putting your body to work.


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