Beach Workout Time

Somehow over the years, I’ve gotten bad at just sitting on the beach for long periods of time. I like to get up and move. But, lucky for us all, this means I come up with fun, no equipment needed beach workouts rather frequently. 

So here’s one I just did, that I thought was share worthy.

Try it out. Bring a friend. Get sweaty and sandy. 

• Jog x 5 minutes

• Sprint 20 seconds / Jog 40 seconds x 6  ( = 6 minutes)

• Jumping Jacks x 25

• Push ups x 25

• Walking Lunges x 50 (each leg. go slow.)

Speed Skaters x 25 (each leg)

• Jumping Jacks x 25 (yes again)

• Now, turn around and head back to where you started.

…and repeat everything above. In the same order (yup no breaks).


Walk around, cool down in the ocean, and feel freaking fantastic the rest of the day. 

Frolicking above in a Roxy Outdoor Fitness Top and Leggings

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