RX Bikini Bod: Back on Track

Sometimes the junk food, fried food, or deep dish pizza gets the best of your will power, and you just feel gross. Like I do right now (loco moco and macadamia nut haupia pancakes in one sitting, but totally worth every calorie) Well, there is a great place to go, and a great workout to help you feel better and get back on track. A track.

Venture on down to the nearest high school, middle school, or university, and let me introduce you to tempo runs, a fun, mixed up, sweat-filled cardio workout.

Track Tempo Runs:

–  Jog once around the track slowly then stretch & do whatever you have to do so you are warmed up enough to sprint.

– It’s easy: sprint the first straight segment, then without stopping, slowly jog around the bend, then sprint the next straightaway. Now you walk the last ¼ of the track (the second bend) and take your time walking…this is your rest time. Start your next lap once you reach the next straightaway

– So it goes: sprint, jog, sprint, walk. Capish?

– Try to do this 4 times in a row (that’ll be 1 mile, 800 yds of that spent sprinting) then each week add one more lap. Pick a number of laps, and work up to it over time. The most I’ve done is 14…I know someone out there can beat me. Bring a friend to race, bring your dog (they like to sprint too), have some good tunes, and in the end…feel great.

Trust me. After a good tempo run workout, they last thing you’ll be craving is Cold Stone or Taco Bell – you’ll be dreaming of coconut water & and fruit.

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