RX bikini Bod. Track Time.

My hands down favorite events in the Summer Oympics are the Sprints. It’s amazing how fast and powerful these people are…and don’t even get me started on how GORGEOUS their bodies are. (Example. Please see Lolo Jones. A perfect example of hard work & discipline. Wow. I read somewhere she eats wings once a week. Equally as cool.) So, let’s all get inspired by these sprinters and head on down to the track for a little, not at all easy, workout.

For starters, do not wear what I am wearing in the pic above.

*Please note, a real track sprinting training workout program is extremely technical and planned out…this is just a good ‘ol butt kicker.

Warm Up: Slowly jog around track once.

Stretch: Make sure to Stretch hamstrings and hip flexors thoroughly…5 minutes, you should be sweating and feel like you could run of your life without pulling a muscle.


1×400 meters – Rest 3 minutes.
2×200 meters – Rest 1:30 in between.
4×100 meters – Rest 30 seconds in between
8×50 meters – Rest 30 seconds in between.

Congrats. You just sprinted a mile.

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