RX bikini Bod. Water workout.

Every now and then, you need to take a break from dealing with gravity, and dive on in for a little water workout. A common misconception is that you can not get a good workout in the pool/ocean/lake/nearest body of water that’s safe to swim in. Ohhh no, I beg to differ. So I rounded up a few. They all are butt kickers, you just don’t realize how much you are sweating, because you are in the water. Actually, I don’t know if you even sweat in the water. Better google that…in the mean time, here are the workouts.

Workout 1: Water Tabata

Each Tabata interval consists of 20 seconds of high intensity (high intensity = as hard as you can go) exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. (This is what 20/10 means below) This is repeated eight times straight for a total of 4 minutes. That 4 minutes = 1 round

Do the following for 6-8 rounds standing in waist deep water, little to no break in between rounds.

1. Squat Jumps 20/10
2. Heel clicks. (jump and click your right heel to your left) 20/10
3. Heel clicks. (jump and click your right heel to your left)20/10
4. Reverse lunge, front kick (left leg) 20/10
5. Reverse lunge, front kick (right leg) 20/10
6. High knees (move forward or run in place) 20/10
7. High skips (move forward or run in place) 20/10
8. Underwater speed punches (squat down and do alternating punches) 20/10

Workout 2: Swim a Mile (in intervals)

Swim 100 m slowly to warm up.


1: Swim 50 Meters as fast as possible, rest 20 seconds.

2: Swim 100 Meters relatively fast, rest 30 seconds

Repeat 10 times

You just swam a mile. High five. 

Workout 3: The fun stuff

Do any of the following for 30 minutes to an hour. I hate to call it a workout, because these are some of my favorite things to do. So call it a win/win situation:

Slap on some fins and swim & dive in the ocean. Surf. Paddle. Snorkel. Bodysurf. Play marco polo with some kids, (or sharks & minnows, my personal fave back in the old minimum wage lifeguarding days). You get the point. Jump in. Splash. Have fun. 

Just a few ways to be a lean, mean, H20 lovin’ machine.

Suit worn above: Lapped one piece by Roxy Outdoor Fitness: **Note: This is my first time actually wearing a one piece on the blog. I just happen to love this one 🙂

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