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Someone once told me excuses are like a**holes. Everyone has one and they all stink. (I think it was my High School Basketball coach. He was a Sheriff.) Yes, this is a true statement. And yes, it made me laugh. Unfortunately, when it comes to excuses, people are becoming more and more brilliant each day when it comes to constructing ones of a certain genre: Excuses to not work out or be active. 

But, thankfully, there’s a plethora of even better reasons to suck it up, get up, take some time out of your day to move your body and be healthy. And guess what, those reasons are not that easy. 

Which is the number one excuse.

Trust me. I am no saint, and struggle with excuses just like the rest of us. Plus, being pregnant has upped the frequency of I feel like crap/have no energy days. So I need this post as much as anyone else. Maybe that’s why I am writing it at 11:00 on a Wednesday night. It had to be done.

So here’s what I am attempting to do: List most of the common excuses I hear or have seen or have told myself to not workout, and pair it with a reason to break a sweat or chose the healthy route….that puts that stinking excuse to shame. 

Here we go. I shall call it Excuses Schmecuses 101.

I am Tired – We all are, and guess what? Getting up and moving your body in some form is the best way to wake your arse up. A 10 minute brisk walk in fresh air puts a super size Red Bull to shame. Trust me. I can’t drink a big Red Bull right now. Walks work wonders. 

I have no time – There are 24 hours in a day. Just figure out a way to move for 30 minutes of it. So, only sit/sleep for 23.5 hours a day. Make moving/using your body a priority so that after a while, when you just sit around all day, you feel off, or like something’s wrong. Or like you are sick.

• Which brings me to an actual valid excuse – if you are sick, don’t workout. You get a hall pass on that one. Go for a walk if you can. But the main concern is to do what you need to get better. 

Next up…

I don’t like to sweat – Well, sweating is great for your skin, body, mind, and soul. Here’s a good list of reasons. I like the happy juice for the brain one. Sweating is cool. And it really doesn’t smell. Armpits just do.  

I just don’t feel like it – Same for getting out of bed. But it’s something you just have to do. And once you do workout or move around, you rarely, and I mean rarely regret it. And will feel like doing it more often.

I don’t know what to do – Most people don’t. Go on YouTube. Buy a DVD, read a health magazine for ideas, ask a fit friend for advice, get interested in something active and start trying out a bunch of different things, or take a class somewhere. 

I hate the gym – Me too. But I love taking care of my body more than I hate LA Fitness. Invest in some headphones (and an ipod nano), make a great playlist, and use that 30 minutes to an hour to go in beast mode, sweat, and try to figure out why that 45 year old man works out in all neon leopard print spandex, fanny pack, and Tevas. And only does bicep curls.

I can’t afford a gym – I get it. Good news. The world is your gym. Runs and walks are free. Invest in some resistance bands ( Ross and TJ Maxx are a great place for discount equipment), do a playground workout, go run stairs somewhere…even if it’s in your house or apartment. Do push ups and pull ups, go on hikes, and get creative. Then be prepared to get used to the wonderful endorphins of free exercise. Which rock.

• Ok, time for another hall pass.  I am hurt – You got to listen to your body and heal. But if it’s not a major injury, swimming laps is not only rehabilitating, but you get to be in the water. Hallelujah. Have some nagging aches and pains, one word: Yoga. Two more: Try it. One more: Please. Can’t afford a studio? Check out It’s brilliant. 

What else…

It won’t make a difference – Just take that negative thought and throw it in a port a potty somewhere. Never to be heard from again. Every time you chose to get up and do something, is a step in the right direction, and your body thanks you for it. Even if you might not notice it. Nothing about a healthy lifestyle is instant gratification, which is something we all want. It’s the little decisions we make each day, and stick with consistently that lead to those big WHOOOAAHHH I have come so far moments. So cut yourself some slack, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Preferably a sweaty one.

Ok, I’m done. 

For now. 

I need to try and get 8 hours of sleep. 

Which is a great excuse to stop writing now…

Cheers to a healthy, balanced, sweat filled because we are using our amazing bodies, kinda life. 

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