my favorite at-home workouts


Seeing that going to the gym is a twice a week (at most) luxury for me, I am slowly mastering the art of the home workout, and by mastering I mean weeding out what can meet my meathead adrenaline rush quota for the 20-40 minutes I have free that day.

So, I did a little round up of my favorite at home (with little or no equipment needed) workouts. Because home is where the (schweaty) heart is. Well, at least when you get a little creative. 

Here you go. 

The card workout. This is my go to home workout. My one rule is hearts must be burpies. You will never in your life dread flipping over a royal flush that’s all hearts. Love this one. In fact, I just did it tonight. 

The TRX 15 – If you workout at home frequently, and don’t have a TRX, go buy one now (or put it at the top of your wishlist). I love this thing, and have been using it consistently for almost 6 years now for working out at home, (or in a park, or by the beach). It’s pretty sweet how many workouts are out there (ahem, youtube) and how many you can come up with once you know the basic moves. TRX is always posting a bunch of workouts to try, and this 15 minute one…well, let’s just say it makes those 15 minutes feel like the longest 15 minutes of your life. In a good, schweattastic, way.

The youtube trifecta. Ok, this isn’t as much as a lung burner, but it’s a good one when you just need to move and feel some burns. First off, do this 10 minutes of abs with Tony Horton, then do this 15 minute bootie workout with this (amazingly fit) gal, and finish it off with this buttload of push ups arm burner. Then, I tend to get youtube ADHD and find a few more under 5 minute videos to try, then I go watch a music video and a movie trailer, or four. 

The quick 20 minute burner. I started doing this on “the last thing I want to do is workout, but I need to do something” days. Which happen year round, on any day, without warning. So this comes in handy. And I have no shame in doing it. 

If yoga is your thing, there’s of course, yogaglo. Kathryn Budig and Tiffany Cruikshank are the leaders of my yoga squad. In my dreams. 

Then, finally…. 

Rumor has it these dudes are making a workout DVD you can do at home. The guy in the back right and I might have to be workout buddies. 

There you go.

Cheers to getting schweaty, even while binge watching netflix, and working out in whatever the heck you want to, fun and healthy times. 

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