Drink Up

I stumbled on this article on my facebook feed three days ago (not sure which friend shared it, but I thank you.), and not only did it intrigue me, but it got me immediately in the kitchen to brew up some honey lemon water. To sum it up: The author drank honey lemon water every morning for a year, and as a result did not get a cold or the flu, kicked the coffee habit, became a morning person, and was healthier in general. Then, I heard Naomi Campbell said she always starts her day with a similar concoction, and it’s also supposed to improve your skin and digestion.

You want some right now too, dont ‘cha? 

Well I am on day 3 of having this warm sweet deliciousness first thing in the morning, and I have not craved coffee (I am trying to kick the habit, or at least drink less of it. Because I drink a TON), and am feeling good.

I am not sure if I can stick with it for an entire year (Like Crystal, the post’s author did), but they say good habits take 21 days to make, so l am being an over achiever and am aiming for a month. 

So, feel free to join in on the Honey Lemon Water challenge fun:

For the next month, drink the following first thing in the morning

• A mug full of hot water (hot enough to drink without burning your tongue, but not so warm you can chug it). It should be clean filtered water too.

• Mix it with 1 heaping teaspoon raw organic honey (do yourself a favor and pick up some rare hawaiian honey. It’s freaking amazing…and the juice of ½ of a lemon.

•Stir it up until the honey dissolves. Then sip, savor and enjoy.

Better health, better breath, less snot rockets, and feeling like Naomi Campbell. 

I’ll cheers to that. 

Maybe for even more than a month….

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