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So, I have some new members to my home gym. Actually, they’ve been part of the home gym crew since the beginning of October, and they’ve been total game changers for me ever since. It’s some kettlebells. 

And I am oh so smitten by them. 

I’ve always known about kettlebells, but apart from a kettlebell swing, goblet squat, and turkish getups, I really didn’t know what all the fuss was about. I mean you can do all those with a dumbbell, right? 

Then I stumbled on a hashtag that opened my eyes and made me say whoah: #kelltebellflow … which lead me to this guy:  @primal.swoledier …who posts videos and different kettlebell flows with the corresponding workout. That are suuuuper intersting. (He never wears a shirt. I’m not sure if it’s to show his form or show his abs. Regardless he’s good. He makes this stuff look way easier than it is.) 

Anywho, I tested out some moves I saw, and it took a little getting used to, but I finally figured it out. And I’ve been totally hooked ever since. 

Basically, a kettlebell flow is a series of movements that flow together and you do them in sets, just like you do in traditional weightlifting. You know, 5 sets of 5 squats. But a kettlebell flow is 5 sets of 5: single arm kettle bell swing – to squat – to push press – then swing to the other side. Do five each side. Then rest. For 30 seconds.

You are constantly moving, also weight lifting, and you get a pretty dense butt kicking workout in a little bit of time. 

Strength, full body work, and heart rate jacked up. Yes please.

So, I’ve been incorporating kettlebell flows and workouts into my weekly training for a little over three months now. I’ll do a 20 minute session 2 times a week, and some days I’ll swap it for my usual lift. I’ll grab my bells and go on our patio, our living room, or into our garage. So they’re pretty versatile too. 

I feel stronger, and a bit leaner, I swear my butt is getting perkier (or maybe it’s the leggings I wore in the pic, who knows.)…and when go for a run, I honestly feel like it’s a casual stroll compared to a 20 minute kettlebell workout. So it’s got to be helping in the cardio department a little bit too. 

Also, I’ve been lifting consistently since I was 16 ( except for those six months when I lived in France and all I lifted was baguettes and wine). So, a little over two decades. So it’s just been such a breath of fresh air for me in terms of training too.

Ok, onto some workouts…

In all honesty, I usually just look at either  @primal.swoledeir or @kettlebellexercises  instagram accounts for ideas an inspiration. I’ll piece things together. Plus they’re certified pros, so I’d say definitely check them out first. (Note: I’d LOVE to get certified so I could be a part of the cool kettlebell pro club and teach this awesomeness too. Yup. Another thing to add to the list.) 

On that note, here’s a few simple workouts I’ll do: 

Kettlebell swing/push up ladder: 

Do 10 kettlebell swings then drop down and immediately do 10 push ups. Then 9 swings/9 pushups, then 8 of each, then 7…all until you get down to 1 of each. No rest. You’re welcome.

Kettlebell swing to a goblet squat. 

Do a kettle bell swing then hold the bell against your chest and do a goblet squat. Repeat. Do this continually for 1 minute. Then take a 30 seconds rest. Repeat for 4-6 rounds.

…or just go over to instagram and look at a ton of videos form the dudes I linked to above. Piece some moves together to make a 10 minute circuit, then repeat it all again. Boom. 

There you go, hopefully you can sense my excitement over these beauteous pieces of iron, or whatever they’re made of. High five for finding new ways to challenge your body, get strong, and squeeze in that 20 minute butt kicker so you feel fantastic. 

Kettlebells, you ring my bell. So glad you’re in the home gym now. 

Pictured above: Leggings by Niyama Sol (Love these.They make my butt look way better than it is.) // My gear: I got these on amazon. I have two 30 lb ones for my workouts, and I also have a 15 lb kettlebell for learning new moves, some tricky overhead or reverse stuff,  (if you’re just starting, I’d suggest a 15 lb one) – So A good hefty but not too heavy weight, then a weight that’s lighter. 

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