The Levi & Me Workout


Well it’s about time I made a workout video. So, here you go….

It’s just a fun little 5 minute workout I started doing last week when I was back on Kauai with my little dude. Yes I use him as a free weight. And he loves it.

He laughs and smiles, and I get to move my body. It’s a fun time.

Here’s the workout, (feel free to use a medicine ball or weights instead of a baby.) Hope you enjoy the video. I’ll do my best to get more made for you. Preferably when I didn’t just roll out of bed and am still wearing the shorts I slept in.

10 side lunges with a press

12 reverse lunges

10 wide squats with a press

10 forward lunges with a press

Then lay down and do…

10 hip ups

10 hip ups with a single leg

25 toe touch crunches

5 leg circles each way

5 pushes…with a kiss on the cheek.

Then you are done. 

Or you can repeat as many times as your kiddo will allow.

Fun stuff.  

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