There are dozens upon dozens of dozens of plank

There are dozens upon dozens of dozens of plank hold variations (need proof, here’s 47 of them). Ther’s also a good ‘ol plank hold ( which I highly suggest mastering before attempting all the variations). Anywho, I’ve been doing this little core workout, where it’s basically a plank variation ladder – so you do 10 of one thing, 9 of another, 8 of something else…and on and on. If you need a break, you go into downward dog. Well, it’s a fun way to do a 2:30 “plank hold” so had to share.

Feel free to do any 10 variations you want, but here’s what I did…

The Plank Ladder

Do the following plank variations back to back
(If you need a break, go into downward dog)

10 – High Plank w/ alternating hip abductions (10 each side)
9 – Plank Chaturangas (think: elbows in push-ups)
8 – High Plank w/ knee to opposite elbow touches (8 each side)
7 – HIgh Plank w/ alternating leg lifts (7 each side)
6 – Up up down downs (Go from forearm plank to high plank)
5 – High Plank w/ tuck jumps (try to tuck both knees into your elbows)
4 – Forearm plank w/ hip dips (4 dips each side)
3 – High Plank w/ knee to each elbow touches (3 rounds on Each side)
2 – Side plank hip raise with leg lift (2 each side)
1 – slooooooow and smoooooth burpie


..and in case that’s hard to explain Here’s a video of me doing it. (I know my form isn’t perfect, and am working on it. Especially at the end with the side plank leg lifts that are pretty of hunched over and wobbly.

Cheers to planks y’all. 

Workout clothes are from Beyond Yoga (That’s sweat. It’s hot out.)

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