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Want to immediately look 5 lbs lighter and way better in a bikini this summer? Well good news, it’s easy. There’s a wonderful adjective and 2 syllable word combo that for some reason is getting overlooked over and over again…good posture. Yeah, mom was right when she said stand up straight. Good posture not only makes you instantly look taller and leaner, it also portrays an air of confidence. Which is always an added perk.

Unfortunately, desk jobs, and smart phones (next time you are checking your instagram feed, look in the mirror. Hunched over shoulders and head dropped, not the best look) tend to wreak havoc on project posture. You should see the way I sit in front of my computer. The epitome of slouch. Ouch.

But good news, there are a few moves and tips, that can really help you out.

1: Whenever you are in a bikini, or walking around this summer, think of these things: shoulders back, stand tall, have a neutral spine, and tighten your core. It’s amazing how much that helps.

2: If you aren’t already doing plank holds as part of your workout routine, get those suckers in there. Side plank, regular plank, any type of plank is one of the best moves to strengthen your core. And guess what? Proper form means you mush have good posture. So please, go ahead and throw in 2-3 sets of 30 second holds into your workout routine. 

3: Do 2 sets of 20-30 reps of “band pull aparts”. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles that pull your shoulder blades together and keep you from hunching over. Aka, your scapula retractors. 

To do a band pull apart:  It’s just like it sounds. You try to pull apart a band. The band should be light to medium resistance, and you have your arms stretched out straight in front of you at shoulder level, then, using your shoulder blades ( not your arms)  pull the band apart and down so it’s almost hitting your chest. You’ll feel the muscles working, and, it feels GREAT. 

There you have it, instantly look and feel better in a bikini (and year round in any outfit) with no crazy diet, or gimmick, just an easy, simple conscious decision to stand tall and put those scapulas to work.

…instruction pics are below.

This is also guest blog post for image  yee haw! 

Top and bottom by Roxy Outdoor Fitness. 


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