RX Bikini Bod: 5 tips for flat abs

Abs. It’s hard not to fixate on those puppies when you are in a bikini. Every body is differnet, midsection included, but here are 5 tips I’ve found that help get your abs flat and firm.

1: Your diet. As much as we wish there was a miracle move, the state of your abs is one of the best indicators of your overall diet. It’s easy though. The cleaner you eat, the flatter the belly. By clean eating, I mean, as little processed, refined foods as possible (out of a box or bag, no bueno). Stick to Veggies, fruits, whole grains, tons of water and lean protein. I, in no way shape or form, eat completely perfectly clean. But when I do, I really do notice a difference.

2: Ok, I know I just said there is no miracle move, but this move really does seem to make my abs cry, and I love it. It’s called the Body Saw. Rawr. Watch the video. Nick Tumminello knows what’s up. 

3: Suck it in. Don’t save your good posture and sucking it in solely for getting pics taken at the beach. Try to consciously always have good posture and a firm and strong core. 

4: Buy a Stability Ball. Why do surfers have such great abs? One reason is they are sitting/standing on a board (that’s not stable) with causes you to engage your core without knowing it. Easy way to mimic this (but sorry, not as fun as surfing) swap a stability ball for a chair/couch wherever possible. Even at work. 

5: If you can’t get past the “I must do a ton of abs to get good abs” mentality, and want to give your abs a good old fashioned smack-down, might I suggest doing The Ab Ripper X every now and then to get your fix. Thanks to you tube we have a bunch of people we can do the ab circuit with in their living room. Seriously, search it in you tube. Maybe I’ll do the circuit on the beach and post it one day. Hmmm…

So, to sum things up. Eat your veggies, do the body saw, have good posture, go surf and do the ab ripper every blue moon, then you should be feeling better about your abs soon…

Feel free to post any other tips or what’s worked for you in the comments below.

*Bikini by Ola Feroz

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