RX Bikini Bod: Bikram. It does a body good.

10 reasons why you should do Bikram yoga (aka Hot Yoga):

1. If you have any ache or pain, it makes it magically disappear. On 2 occasions I thought I needed to have my knee scoped, after going to a few classes, buh bye knee pain. 

2. It’s great for your skin.

3. It improves circulation. Which seems to improve everything in your body.

4. You sleep better. 

5. Helps with back pain & improves your posture. Tip: Good posture makes you instantly look 5 pounds thinner, especially in a bikini.

6. You sweat a lot, which helps you detox, but feels awesome. 

7. It’s great stress relief. Calming of the “monkey mind” is quite a great ability.

8. Supposedly you burn about 800 calories in a single class. 

9. After going, you have to do laundry, so if you procrastinate in doing laundry ( like myself), it forces you to wash a load.

10. There is usually a guy in too short shorts, which, I dunno, makes me laugh.

Google Bikram yoga, find a studio nearby, and give it a try.

Photo: Christy Turlington By Michael O’Neill for Vanity Fair 

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