RX Bikini Bod: Pedaling Sweetness So

RX Bikini Bod: Pedaling Sweetness

So, my mom insisted that I get a bike. After about 2 years of procrastination, I finally allowed her to buy me one. Well, let’s just say it’s been the best and most rewarding Craigslist purchase I’ve ever made…other than my surfboard.

Ever since I flew out of the driveway on this sucker for the first time, I feel amazing. It’s almost like being a kid again. I’ve lost fraction of an inch here and there…not that I’m trying… which is an even better perk. I’ve saved money on gas, and really, whenever I press that peddle down and feel the breeze…feel like I’m 8 and biking over to my friend’s house in the summer. Really, it’s quite therapeutic.

So go out and grab a bike, (it doesn’t have to be top of the line – mine is rusty and has lots of “Character” ) then vow to go on at least one long ride a week, and to use it instead of a car whenever you are going somewhere under 5 miles.

Don’t worry you don’t need a matching spandex outfit. A bikini, shorts and tank seem to work just fine.

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