RX Bikini Bod: She’s got legs.

Legs. By far my favorite body part to train and flaunt on the beach. Plus, you burn more calories when you train them. I’d settle for a set of muscular hamstrings, perky glutes and sculpted thighs (like Miss Diaz, above) over a full C-cup any day. So here are two of my favorite leg workouts to get those limbs burning and sculpted. WARNING I am a masochist when it comes to training my legs. If I wake up the next day and can’t walk, I’m as happy as a clam.

Workout #1: Three amigos circuit

1: 8 barbell squats (heavy weight) -10 second break

2: 10 alternating lunges (lighter weight) each leg – 10 second break

3: 6 deadlifts (heavy weight), rest 2 minutes

Repeat circuit for a total of 3 sets.

Workout #2: Hike Koko head / Run Stadium stairs

If you aren’t on Oahu, find the longest, tallest set of stairs. Run up every other step and then walk down as many times as you can tolerate before your legs start to shake. University tracks, basketball arenas, and football stadiums also work well.

…remember to stretch when you are done. Then go out and buy some Nair. You’re gonna be wearing some short shorts.

FYI Cameron’s suit is By L*Space – Available HERE. Love it.

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