RX Bikini Bod: The bum builder, aka the hip thrust

There is a little website everyone who wants a hard round booty needs to bookmark, Brettcontreas.com. Why? His nickname is the glute guy. If you really really want to work on your bum, check out his site and incorporate one of his favorite exercise into your workouts, the Hip Thrust. Ok, you’re thinking, glute guy who likes hip thrusts. No, he is not a perv, he’s an expert on strength and conditioning, and having a strong set of glutes is essential to being explosive, fast, and powerful. Need reference? Just look at any any NFL player’s bum. It’s easy. They wear tights.

So, the hip thrust. I love it, have done it for a while now, and notice a major difference in project shelf-butt. Thank you Rachel Guy for the inspiration. 

Instead of attempting to explain, which would leave most people getting hurt, I’ll let the experts take it over from here, and leave you with some videos of people doing hip thrusts. *Take note of the heavy weight and low reps…

Yowzers, that’s a lot of weight  

Tim Ferris being Tim

Strong Girl Wearing Vibram Shoes

A superb article on Megan Fox’s Butt, just for kicks

Enjoy! Please don’t send me any nasty emails if you can’t sit down the day after doing these. 🙂

Photo found at F*#KYAFITSPO

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